The Joan Isaacs Litman Cantigas Legacy Fund

Honor Joan by ensuring that the choir she founded continues to delight and inspire!


Joan Litman’s vision for Cantigas was to lift up women’s voices, perform songs from around the world, and bring music to people and spaces that need inspiration.

Now Joany is retiring.

It’s up to the Cantigas community - singers, audience members, alumnae, and friends - to further Joany’s vision. Your donation, added to gifts from others who love Joany, will ensure that Cantigas continues to be Cantigas, just as Joan created it.

Thank you for keeping Joan’s vision alive and thriving!


to the Joan Isaacs Litman Cantigas Legacy Fund

We can no longer accept submissions for the tribute booklet, but we look forward to sharing it with you at Joany's final concert with Cantigas,

"Of Heaven and Earth, Land and Sea"

on Saturday, May 19, 7:30 pm, at St. Matthew's Trinity Church, Hoboken, NJ.

❏ Conductor: $1,000+
❏ Soloist: $500+
❏ Chorister: $300–$499
❏ Audience: $100–$299
❏ OTHER: My Donation to the Legacy Fund (specify amount)

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